Battery Backup 1200W 48V 12A

Baran Tech Model Battery Backup 1200W 48V 12A

Output Voltage:                   48 VDC
Output Current:                   20A
Connection:                          Rail Terminal
Installation Type:                 Wall Installation
Cooling:                                Cooling with Fan
Material Property:               Polyester
Colour:                                  RAL7035
Protection Class:                  IP65
Dimensions:                          400x600x200 mm
Weight:                                  33 kg


Technical Details

Input Features:

Rectifier: 48V 13AX2 (1200W)
Input Voltage: 85-265VAC or 120-370VDC

Output Features:

Output Voltage: 42-55V
Output Current: 20A

General Features:

Efficiency: % 86
Power Factor: EN 61000-3-2
Cooling:  Cooling with AC Fan
Low Voltage Shutdown (LVD): 42V
Low Voltage Alarm: 45V

Battery Features:

Battery Capacity: 48V 12A
Trickle Charging: 55V
Charge Current: 2,5A
Charge Time: % 90 @ 5 hours

Additional Features:

Display: 2X16 LCD
Inventer: –
Alarms: No Mains, Low Battery, High Temperature (25-45°C)
Indicators: Internal Temperature, Mains Voltage, Battery Voltage, Charge Current, Load Current, Fan on / off settings.
Communication: –

"Battery Backup 1200W 48V 12A" Product

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