Customized R&D Solutions

Baran Technology develop customized products according to needs and wishes of corporate companies.

Baran Technology developed high value-added products for Power Electronics and Energy Management Systems. Including all stages of R&D studies, it offers technological solutions to customers. With this service, Baran Technology is an exclusive technology company which provide complete solutions to its customers.

The R&D service offered by Baran Teknoloji follows the following steps.
  • Identification of need • Developing ideas for resolving defined need
  • Design, simulation and analysis of the developed idea in digital environment
  • Produce a prototype • Testing the prototype produced
  • Documentation and demo presentation
  • Implementation of developed technological solutions

Baran technology has experienced and expert (5 R & D Engineer, 60 (Mechanical Manufacturing) personnel, 200 (Electronic Manufacturing) personnel, 6 Service & Technical Support Technician, 8 Domestic & Overseas Business Development Personnel, 3 Administrative Affairs & Finance & Support personnel) personnel in their fields.