Battery Backup Systems

Battery Backup Systems

Baran Technology which operating in in the energy efficiency and management industry and achieving many successful projects now also develops Battery Backup Systems with its unique design.

Systems that provide long-term energy for DC systems where continuous and safe energy needs are important are generally referred to as Battery Backup Systems.

This system charges the energies received from the network and stores them in DC (12V, 24V, 28V, 48V) according to the demand in case of interruption of the network. Baran Technology designs and manufactures custom battery backup systems for the required power, voltage and backup times. Battery capacity is determined by the size of loads to be used and the duration of continuous power supply. According to the need, AC 230V output can be given on the battery at different powers. In cases where the temperature is important according to usage areas, continuous and safe energy needs are met with high efficiency by means of panel type air conditioner, free cooling and panel heater integrated solutions. For outdoor use, solutions and protection are provided according to IP 67 standards within specially designed cabins. Thanks to the controller on the system, battery voltage / current, LVD control, load current, cabin temperature, mains voltage and various dry contact alarms can be monitored and controlled via the internet network (PC, Tablet, Smart Phone, etc.). The collected information is reported to central management units as SNMP trap and / or e-mail.


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Usage Areas

Baran Teknoloji Battery Backup Systems meet a wide range of uninterrupted energy needs such as telecommunication, security systems and automation systems.

  • GSM network (3G/LTE),
  • FM – TV transmitter systems (28V),
  • WiFi access points,
  • Emergency lighting systems,
  • Camera security systems,
  • Urban security management systems (USMS),
  • Traffic electronic monitoring systems (TEMS),
  • Data center ethernet switch,
  • Industrial automation systems

In similar sectors, the required voltage and strength ensure continuity of energy. Baran Teknoloji Battery Backup systems are designed with 24V to 48V DC voltages, 50W to 9000W power and different backup time (7Ah-100Ah).

Baran Technology Battery Backup systems offer more efficient operation alternatives to traditional AC-UPS systems.